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Welcome to London Minibus Hire

If you are looking for a place where you can be able to find a comfortable and classy minibus for hire then you are at the right place. Minibus Hire London is one of the best when it comes to provision of transportation services for people who love to travel in groups. We have minibuses that are kept in good condition for different purposes like holidays, school trips or team building. Our main customers are groups of people who would love to travel together and they can't be contained in small cars. There are others who would like to attend special events together such as weddings and funerals. Such people also find our services to be very convenient. The business community is another group of people who usually find our services very important in their commercial purposes.

Why use us:

- Local London minibus hire based company offering minibus and coach hire services
- Cheapest minibus hire london service
- All Minibus hire London drivers are full trained and qualified
- Guaranteed lowest price compared to any minibus hire company in the London
- Quick online quote or telephone booking
- Plus much more

One of the reasons why the business community likes to hire coaches from Minibus Hire London when attending business seminars and other workshops is because we have the best coaches that can offer the comfort and satisfaction that they may be looking for. Our minibuses are driven by professional drivers who have the regulatory benchmarks that are required in driving buses. They also have good criminal records therefore we are sure that they will do nothing that will compromise your security in any way. You will enjoy the good driving of our drivers as well as other amazing services from our staff like warm and friendly agents who will pick your call and assist you in the booking process. You can be able to have a cost effective plan of transporting large groups of people using minibuses. Instead of hiring separate small vehicles, it is better to hire a minibus that can carry the entire group that is going for the same function. This also makes the trip memorable and enjoyable.

The most important thing that Minibus Hire London is keen to achieve is the comfort and convenience of clients. Our wide variety of minibus sizes to choose from will ensure that you get the minibus that will accommodate comfortably the people who you are travelling with. You can always contact our customer service department to inquire on any matter that you may have regarding our services. This will enable you to make an informed decision therefore you will pick the services that will be useful to you.

In addition we have a well trained professional team that will assist you in the best way possible to ensure that you get the answers for all the questions that you may have.  To ensure that we remain useful to the client, we give you all the options that you have before you select the services that you want so that you can choose what is best according to your own judgement. This makes Minibus Hire London to be one of the best in London in terms of minibus rentals services.

Our vehicles are equipped with modern entertainment facilities to ensure that you are full entertained as you are travelling in our minibus. These include CD and DVD players, with some minibuses even having screens from which you can watch your favourite videos as you travel. Our minibuses sitting capacity ranges from 8-18 thereby giving you a chance to choose the most appropriate bus in terms of the capacity of people who you need to transport.

For the larger groups of clients, our coach hire in London is there for you. We will provide you with coaches that will give you comfort and safety as you travel. We also do airport minibus hire services where we take you from the airport, move you to wherever that you need to go and take you back to the airport. If you prefer driving yourself, we have our self-drive minibus services where we will give you a minibus without a driver.

You may book for our buses online or you can opt to call our customer support so that you can enquire more about the methods that we use for booking and the minibuses that we have. This is why we have invested a lot in our customer care department that has proved to be an important avenue where you can get any assistance that you need. This includes advice on the seat capacity of the bus that you should use when you want to transport a group of people of different numbers as well as useful tips for the best places that you can visit when looking for a touring place in London.

Our company is responsible in the management of the journey from the time of departure to the time when the bus arrives to its destination and we are stand by to assist in case there is a need for any help during the transit. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients and we will do anything within our reach to ensure that we meet this objective. This is why we pride ourselves to be the best transportation and minibus hiring company in London that is available today.

Our fleet is grouped in parts i.e. 10 Seater minibuses, 12 Seater minibuses, 14 Seater minibuses, 16 Seater minibuses, 17 Seater minibuses and 18 Seater minibuses. These vehicles give our clients a variety to choose from depending on their needs.