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15 16 Seater Minibus Hire

London Minibus hire offer 15-seater as well as 16 seat minibus for a quite a considerably large group of people who are on tour. Our services are of very high standard and the customers will always be satisfied. Our drivers will take you to all the best and great tourist destinations in London.

Our 15 seater and 16 seat minibuses are well maintained and always in a perfect working condition. You can always be sure to arrive at your destination without any hitches whatsoever. We have been in the minibus hire industry for a couple of years and we understand the inside and outside about this industry. Our drivers are very highly qualified and they are also much disciplined on their work. They have all the necessary qualifications coupled up with the immense experience they have in this industry. They are fully certified to work in the transport industry and their competence is out of questions since they are professionals. They know about every route in the city and also all the tourist destinations. They would double up as tour guides for you in case you are on a holiday trip as they will be very glad to listen to your questions and answer you.

We have enough 15 seater and 16 seat minibuses to cater for our customers. We also do have straight forward mechanisms in which the customers can get access to our services. There are no long procedures and protocols to be followed and all what the customer needs to do is to fill an online form and leave the rest to us.

As a matter of policy in our company, we never keep the customers waiting. Lateness is something which can never be tolerated in this company. Thus, we have come up with mechanisms to ensure that we respond to our customers as swiftly as possible. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers for ease of London of places. This way we have eliminated the possibility of our drivers getting lost and wasting time. We also do have extra minibuses that act as back ups for the other minibuses in case any unusual eventuality occurs. We do understand that most of our customers may be on busy schedules and that is why we have to help them maximise the time they have.

Our buses are very luxurious and they are fitted with all the latest luxury devices and gadgets. Here we are talking about the air conditioners, LCD and plasma screens, DVD and CD players and a high quality music system. The minibuses are also fitted other special accessories such as the baby seats and special entrance doors for the handicapped. These minibuses are modern and acquired form the most trusted companies that produce durable and high quality cars.

Apart from offering 15 seater and 16 seat minibus hiring services, we also offer other services such as hotel bookings, flight bookings, catering services as well as event booking. All this we do at the request of the customer. We acknowledge the importance of our customers having a peaceful and enjoyable travel and that is why we shall endeavour to make your travel as comfortable as possible. Enquire more about our services and do your booking online and you will get to enjoy the best services in this industry.

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Minibus Hire
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